My creative side :)

Wow iv just realised how badly i have been neglecting my here is a little treat in the form of a poem which is my first one....(insert applause here :p) its about how i think most of us feel on a day to day basis, anyway hope you like it :)

I wonder what life would be without diabetes,
a life free of worry from this dreadful disease.
No weighing of food and counting of carbs,
no more painful jabs with needles full of insulatard.

Imagine not having to squeeze blood on that strip,
and instead eating pik n mix till you feel sick.
Munching big bags of crisps or a whole apple pie,
then not feeling ill coz your blood sugars high.

No more hassle from the diabetes police,
are you allowed that? should you eat that? Yes! just leave me in peace!
Trying not to think of complications as i rest my head,
the energy drinks not seen at the side of my bed.

And as for the doctors dont get me started,
you go for a check up and leave broken hearted.
Oh i wish for one day i could be D free,
To live everyday life being much more happy

But i do my best everyday to live life as full as can be...
because i control this disease, it does not control me.


Kerry said...

Very good poem!

Northerner said...

Excellent Nikki!

Anonymous said...

I like this Nikki. Hang on in there until the cure comes!

KateR said...

That's great stuff.

Anonymous said...

wow thats great ,,,,keep bloging young lady

Anonymous said...

Please can we have another blog? It's been 6 months!

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