The diabetes prayer...

So i was looking through the diabetes uk facebook page the other day, looking for anything that would remotely cheer me up.. and came across a post from Zara Haram and it did just that and so i share with you....


Our banting that art with best,
hallowed be thy insulin.
Our hypos come...thy glucogen,
on the shelf that art in fridge.
Give us this day our pump.
Forgive us these cakes as we forgive who made them.
Lead us not into hospital, but deliver us from DKA.
Yours is the blood test, the HBA1C,
forever and ever,
Insulin pen.

Brilliant Zara you really cheered me up with this - i thank you x

Bad blogger..!!

I hav'nt given up on my blog, i have just been having some tough times as of change there i guess!

So a quick update.....turns out my body doesnt just lack insulin, it also lacks red blood cells! so yeh a recent blood test shows i am anemic and i am taking iron tablets (when i remember..) to combat this...more medication whoopee!!

As for diabetes control i started off well a couple of weeks ago with good readings all day and eating relatively well...then last week it all went totally wrong!!sort of gone to pot a little this week but i shall be better next week hopefully be back on the straight and narrow!

One bit of exiting news is that in the next week i shall become an auntie to a little girl :) (already one day overdue but we are hoping she will arrive soon)

As for me i have been feeling crappy all week due to an icky cold i have picked up which is making my levels a little erratic and also making the syatica play up more than usual. Also due to my day off last week i am already down 60 quid in my december pay looks like christmas will be celebrated in january next year...

I am trying to think positive about everything i really am its just so hard when u have had so much shit all through your life and nothing good seems to happen...ever! i just need a break...something good to happen is that too much to ask really?

Well thanks for reading and lets hope the next week brings good things (see thinking positive!)


What a difference a millimetre makes..!!

So i had a major mishap last week where my blood sugars were going absolutely mental and i had no idea why! i was eating the same things and injecting the appropriate amounts of insulin yet my pre-meal readings were ridiculously high and despite adding on a correction, the reading was even higher 4 hours after eating! I saw readings of about 15 every day and at one point i think i had to give myself a 16 unit correction just to get below 10mmols! I couldnt understand it so phoned my nurse (about 3 hours after she said she wud call me back..straight away) >:( she suggested that my honeymoon period may have ended and advised me to take extra insulin..which i did and saw no wednesday i was pretty ill and had to take the day off work which i didnt want to have to do but i could not work as i was.

The next evening i was out having lunch and realised i had forgotten to pack any i know bad!! desprately reaching the the bottom of my bag i found one of my old 6mm needles and had to use that.....and hey presto 2 hours later i was hypo!!

So all that hassle just because of 1mm of a needle, i couldnt belive it, obviouslt with my insulin ratios changing the 5mm needles werent delivering the insulin deep enough and so it was like it wasnt working!

So things are sorted now and i am feeling myself again....bit annoyed i now have to use the longer needles but hey i havent really got a choice :)