long blog!!!

Ummm apologies for the ridiculous lack of blogging...i dont actually think i have an excuse for it!!

Well here is a few updates from me and the D :)

As some of you may know i didnt have the best bank holiday weekend just gone, something happened that lead me to be a bit of a wreck for a few days, cancelled all my diabetic appointments and clinics and just forgot about diabetes really...thankfully my friends helped me get back on my feet and my things are ok now ok...sort of! dont want to go into it too much...

Anyway on to the good! Since iv been on here i have had some progress on my dental situation (thanks to a lifesaving loan from my dad :) )....Although having a near heart attack when he gave me a dental plan coming to nearly £900 (i need to discuss this with him again)I have had my root canals done!!! WOW i can honestly say it was not nice! The actual work itself didn't hurt and a managed to drown out some of the drill noises with music.... but i had 5....yes 5 injections!!! felt them go in...all the way down and i ended up crying in the chair coz it was so painful he did them both at the same time so had basically the whole of the bottom of my mouth numbed for about 5 hours after and felt like my face was massive lol! even my ear was numb, luckily no hypos and no hypers either and the dentist was really nice (even if i couldnt understand some of what he was saying to me...) :)

So i have had the root canal work done (the worst bit) and now have to go back in this wednesday to have them filled which i am hoping will be a little less painful :S

So not in pain any more which i am liking alot! I just have to get the back one extracted tho and then thats it for now (i have other work need doing too apparently but just want to get these out of the way first)

Numbers have been actually pretty good past week mainly in the 5-7 region which i am very pleased and also lost some weight which has lifted my spirits somewhat

So a few ups and downs but now i am thinking positive that i can keep this all up coz i like feeling happy, makes me realise how much i love my friends and family and that im so lucky in other ways oh a small payrise at work also and re booked all my appointments and clinics too.

Until next time....soon i promise :)