Time flies.....

Well its been 6 months today since the big D....not quite sure how i feel except a little sad and thinking about my old life...even though i know i shouldn't as this makes me more sad..!

So i am being positive now...i think i have accomplished a fair bit in my first 6 months. i have learnt to carb count, work out ratios - including setting my basal rate and splitting it, inject and test regularly - also in public, and got a fairly decent AIC result :) i have dealt with a fair few emotions and managed to come to terms with my diagnosis, i have educated others about diabetes and hopefully have raised some awareness that was not there before, i have even had the privilege of meeting some lovely fellow diabetics and hope to meet many more along the way :) i have had some good days and some awful days and i am continuing to learn more and more each day.

I have a great support group online as well as my friends and family and i dont know what i would do without them. The support group have helped me soo much in these 6 months, answering every question i have had, big or small and whatever time and i am just so lucky to have people who help and more importantly understand. My friends and family have been fab and although sometimes they dont fully understand the illness and what im going through, they stick by me and support me no matter what i am am really thankful to have such lovely people in my life :)

So im going to admit that i havent been the best diabetic these past few weeks, my levels have been...ok i think i need to sort my evening ratios out a little as i always seem to end the day above 10 and have to correct before bed. But i think this is all to do with me being off for the 6 weeks summer holidays as i have not been at work, therfore not active at all really, and totally out of routine! not been eating the best things and slipping back into my old habits :( I think things will start to improve when i go back to work and settle back into my old routine, infact im sure they will!

Well..6 months gone...lets see what the next 6 will bring :)

Worth it... :)

1 hour and 20 mins of pain....and here is the result!

I never thought i would be brave enough to get a tattoo! i had always wanted one but never got the courage to go through with it and i cant belive i did it!

I was shaking like a leaf when i went, had butterflies and was so nervous...i felt a little better however as my wifey came with me, even though they didnt let her actually come with me (not too happy about that) she waited for me in the shop for 2 hours bless her!

The tattoo itself i am soo pleased with, it means so much to me as it has the date i was diagnosed and also the diabetes ribbon encorporated into the centre! the guy who did it was really nice and reassuring, always asking if i was ok and chatting away to me, he asked about my diabetes and i told him the story and he just made me feel really at ease :)

And the big question your all asking...did it hurt? in a word....YES! lol but as the title says it was sooo worth it!

I would like to say a massive thankyou to Sue, as without her i would not have been able to have this done :)

Putting faces to names!

Well on saturday i swapped my usual lazy, lie in with a hangover sort of day, and got up super early to catch the train! Why u ask? to meet some fabulous people from the diabetes forum of course!

It was a great day , i met with shiv, duane, and tom at the train station and we headed down towards the good old weatherspoons where alan, amy, sam and a few others were waiting!

Nice day, had some yummy food and went on to walk the southampton walls and ended up in a nice little pub :)

It was soo nice to meet all the people that had helped me through the tough time when i was first diagnosed, and lovely to put some faces to the names on the forum! I am very much looking forward to the next one and perhaps meeting even more people :)

Not many photos taken but the one above features all us stuffing our faces :D