Snow joke!

Well this was what greeted us when we awoke thursday morning...a complete winter wonderland with 5 inches of snow! I then recieved a phone call and a text from both my work places saying they were closed so i had a snow day! :D

In all the years i have lived in eastleigh we have never EVER had this much snow and also i think the last time we had snow actually in December was more than 20 years ago. It was so nice to go out and enjoy the snow (apart from when i fell over...) and even better when i got another phone call saying the schools were to remain closed so i got two days off work in total :)

Levels were acting strange due to the cold weather as well...lower than usual and i remember one day where i didnt take any of my fast acting insulin.. :o

So the snow days wer cool....but then it all turned to slush and ice at the weekend...pissed down with rain and now its all gone and life returns to normal :(

Ah well it was nice when it lasted and hope you all enjoyed it :)

A Little Bit Longer Music Video

Wow i heard this song for the first time yesterday and i would think it very hard for anyone suffering an incurable disease not to cry to this....Written by the jonas brothers after brother Nick was diagnosed with type one diabetes :(