hard to say goodbye....

Long time no blog!

Emotional week this week as all the children at pre-school are growing up and are now leaving to go to the infant school in september :( am gonna miss all of them sooo much, the two years i have known them all has been brilliant and some of them being my key children makes it even more difficult to say goodbye :(

We had the leavers presentation/fun day today, parents brought in pressies, and flowers galore and all the children were dressed up and looked fab! was a really good, but emotional day i think most of the staff were welling up including now my cupboard is full of chocolates and i am wishing i was not diabetic lol.

Things are starting to look up :)

Im really looking forward to going back in september as i managed to get myself a job :) its just cleaning but it could not be more perfect...its an hour and a half a day and starts straight after i finish my pre-school work so it will just be like working a normal week and i still get my weekends! And to top all of this off i got a pay rise which will start as of september woohoo so hopefully all these money problems i have been having will be behind me :D

Not only this but as i have finished work for the summer...6 weeks!! i have managed to get myself a summer job covering staff holidays in a nearby nursery so that i keep busy and earn lots of money which is greatly needed!

I am so happy that things are starting to turn out for me finally after all my bad luck! i just have to keep optimistic about everything and hopefully nothing bad will come along and burst my bubble!!

Oh and powerwalking starts monday!!

Now for those chocolates...... :p

One of those days.........?


Quick rant i am so frustrated right now!

So after some really good levels and a good hba1c result my blood sugars just are not behaving today! i went to bed on 5.9 and woke up on 7.9 ??? had breakfast perfectly carb counted and also an extra unit to bring me back into range.. and four hours later i am still 10.3! WTF at this point i wanted to throw my meter out the window...:( not hungry at this point decide to have a late lunch (bar a handful of nuts inbetween) so check levels at half 3..6.5 a little better thankyou! bolused for some liz granola and low and behold four hours later....8.2 :'(

I know these levels arent like reaalllyy high but i just do not understand them! and it is so frustrating as i think im the one not being able to control it just one of those days or have my requirements changed :(

Just a numbers game......

Got my very first HBA1C result.......*Drumroll*........ 6.7 :D

Needless to say very happy with that, shocked it was not higher! i really thought it would have been as only 4 months in to diagnosis and didnt think it would be well controlled...well its made me feel alot better and that i have some control i must be doing something right :)

So all this has got me thinking about numbers...i mean thats all diabetes is at the end of it all just a numbers game where you may win successfully...and also lose really badly! sometimes you may get lucky and other times you may not be so fortunate, and as for the prize at the end of the game? a better chance of living a happy and hopefully longer life even though we all should have been entitled to this here are some numbers i have been thinking about relating to the 4 months i have been through on my diabetes journey so far...

2.5 - The millions of people diagnosed with diabetes in the uk alone

210210 - Date of my diagnosis

5 - Nights i had to endure in hospital

24 - My sugar levels that nearly sent me into a coma

540 - The number of times i have injected myself..tho posible its more

2.6 - The lowest reading on my far

4 - The number of packs of jelly babies/glucotab i have consumed for hypos

896 - The number of times my poor fingers have had to endure a finger prick

18.4 - The current highest reading on my meter

116 - The gramms of carbohydrates in a tub of my favourite ice cream!!

Those are just a few i can think of now, there is probably alot more i could write such as there is not even a number for the times i have been angry, upset or cried my eyes out because of having this stupid disease, the countless times i have thought about the possibility of developing complications late on in life...

So when we think about it...its all numbers...and here is another one:

17 days since i ordered my zebra stripe case!! Hurry up Bayer! :p