My new shiny thing!!

Woohoo it came last week! unfortunately me and my dad have not yet managed to get all the glucofacts working due to me not having a windows computer :( but should be up and running soon :) So here is a quick review:

Like a kid on christmas day when i unwrapped it and saw how pretty it was! sleek, slim and SHINY! as soon as i opened the box it told me to charge it in my usb port and a quick 2 hours later i was ready to go :) I use my multiclix fingerpricker all the time which is slightly larger than the one that comes with this meter but i prefer it every time, the pain with this one is that you have to carry lancets around with you (even though they are really cool muliticoloured ones) i just dont have the extra space! but i did try it and it was not painful and easy to do as well.

pretty straightforward - put the strip in, no coding and the device also has a handy port light if you need it for night testing (bonus points for bayer) really big, easy to read colour screen. before you receive your reading you have the option of selecting before and after meal - and can also add comments for readings like feeling sick, or exercise which i think is a really good little feature. After the 5 seconds your reading shows up massive for a few seconds before being logged in the logboook. The system will also flash a high or a low reading in a different colour, you can set these default high and low readings using the set up menu. You can also view your averages over 14 days by pushing the trends button on the very easy to use menu screen.

As an extra bonus when you register your meter you can get a free skin cover and also a zebra...yes thats zebra striped case as well as a free wall charger! Mine are all currently in the post :)

Using it in public is the biggest change for me, its very discreet and looks more like a funky mp3 player rather than a glucose meter!

Overall i am very impressed with this little miracle machine and would rate it a very respectable 9 out of 10 - just for the trouble i have been having getting the software to work, other than that its brilliant!

I want to finish this post with a big thanks to my dad who was the one who got me this meter...without him this post would not have been written :D

Guess who's back....

Well....this has been the image i have been greeted with every day for a month.....until today!! The internet technician geek decided to finally bloody turn up and fix our connection problem after two cancellations and a no show!! So i am back on the net and catching up on all me channel 4 od programs :D

Update: After posting about not being able to have the contour USB, my dad saw the post and has just informed me that one is in the post for me! Thank you dad!!! :D :D i cant wait to get it, and will post a review once i have had a play..!

Have my very first HBA1C coming up beginning of july...not sure what to expect but i think anything below 10 i will be happy with, i have been trying my best and i havent seen a high reading in a while...well when i have checked that is!

I hope everyone has been well in my absence....apparently i have ALOT of blog posts and forum threads to i better get started hehe!

In the words of Tigger...Tata for now!
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