Got the job...and one of those days!

You know its going to be one of those days when you wake up late for work! As i got up out of bed, i spilled a glass of water everywhere and then stepped on some of my this point i didnt even want to think about what my blood sugars were, sure enough 15mmols Grrrr!!

Took a correction, no breakfast and off to work, day didnt get any better as we were short staffed and it was complete chaos!! My phone decided to die on me even though it had been charging all night and i somehow managed to swallow a fly outside.. Thank god it was a half day i went straight to bed when i got home and stayed there until dinner time lol oh and the freeview decided to break too, what a horrible morning!

Anyway on to the good news.........I got the job!!

Apparently out of the 4 candidates they interviewed, i was the only one to be invited back and i did really well in the interviews! I start of the 12th december, just after my christmas do weekend with the pre-school, so i have decided it has to be a good one, as it was also be my leaving do!! It will be really sad to go and im going to miss everyone so much :(

So i am looking forward to the chistmas do so much, we go away for the weekend to a lovely 4 star hotel, dress up, have a 3 course meal followed by a disco! We did it last year and it was awesome! Also looking forward to hopefully going to london in december for the circle D meet :) Oh and getting my new phone upgrade in a couple of weeks yay! :D

promising changes?


I may be starting to believe all this about things happening for a reason!

Over the past few weeks iv had alot of things go wrong with a new job lined up to take over my 2nd job! long story short, they totally messed me about, and having already handed in (and worked) my notice of my previous employment, it left me without a 2nd job! So for the past two weeks i have been working part time which as anyone knows does not pay anywhere near enough to live on!

So i thought that i needed to make some changes, and although i LOVE my job at the pre-school i needed to find a proper full time job with decent pay! So although it pained me to do, i joined a recruitment agency and sent of my CV to a private nursery nurse job local to me.....and got a call back the next morning!

Had the inititial interview last week which was really daunting as its been 3 years since i had a formal interview and there were so many questions and scenarios....anyway they seemed really happy and asked me to come back the following week (today!) to do an activity with the children, so thats where i have just come back from and it went really well, got some really good feedback and now i have to wait until tomoro to find out if i am in!! Its a really good position and alot more money :D

So im thinking maybe its a good thing that i was messed around with that job, as it has lead me to take a good look at my life and change it for the better, and maybe if i sort out one aspect of my life, others may follow. speaking of which i have also joined the gym (I say joined, i got a docs referral)..... :)

Although i still dont believe i got diabetes for any reason...that one im still working out :p

Fingers and toes crossed everyone!